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zoom tastings poland


Registration by Email

Participation fee
Euro 255 per Weingut winery and one wine
(maximum number of participants: 10)

Piotr Pietrzyk
Founder of Collegium Vini, a wine school, wine tour and wine event company since 2002. Piotr also initiated the Time Slowing Festival (2009-2020, a series of wine fairs in the centre of Krakow) and leads SlowGuide wine seminars. In 2021, about 25 SlowGuide wine seminars took place: with all DAC regions in Austria, Premier Crus Traditionsweingüter, Peloponnes Weine (ENOAP), Confagricoltura di Siena, Tokaj Renaissance, Wines of Argentina, Wines of Crete, Premium Estates of Austria, respekt-BIODYN, North Greece Winemakers, Burgenland Wein, Wines of Zypern, Tokaj Renaissance, Premier Crus Wien & Carnuntum, DO Cava, Wines of Argentinien and Aegean wineries.

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Programme 2022. One click away from the international markets: Poland

Online tastings are a way to make up for lost sales, explore new buyer groups, increase customer loyalty and create more brand awareness and recognition.

See also the results of a broad cross-national study by the University of Geisenheim in cooperation with the Institute of Masters of Wine. That's why we also offer online tastings for professionals - sommeliers, journalists and the trade. Stephanie Artner or Sylvia Petz co-moderate and support the winemakers during their presentation.

"Thank you again for the successful & professional accompaniment at the Demeter & respekt-BIODYN tasting!" Manuel Ploder, Ploder-Rosenberg

  1. POLAND. Together with wine educator Piotr Pietrzyk, we offer Austrian and German winemakers the opportunity to present themselves to a polish trade audience. In the near future, this will also be done in joint cooperation with Joel B. Payne in Germany and Charles Metcalfe in Portugal.
  2. NEW YORK. We are currently working on a similar series for N.Y. and will post the dates here as soon as possible. Our partner there is Katja Scharnagl from the restaurant Le Bernardin.


The ninth-largest country in Europe with a population of almost 38 million is one of the up-and-coming wine markets. The demand for wines from Austria and Germany is steadily increasing, this also applies to the high-quality segment for good gastronomy, even though cheap wines still play the biggest role. See also the WKO & ÖWM export guide for Poland in the German language. Piotr Pietrzyk of Slowguide Poland invites 120 trade journalists, aspiring Master Sommeliers, and Sommeliers as well as wine merchants to a tasting in eighteen groups across the country.

Each tasting lasts two hours, there is room for ten wines from ten wineries. Normal bottles will be sent, since the tastings will take place in groups. Further dates for the second half of the year will follow.