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This was "A Message in a Biodynamic Bottle"

That was “A Message in a Biodynamic Bottle”
The Demeter Austria and respekt-BIODYN winegrowers' associations invited to a joint top-class wine tasting at the VieVinum wine fair in Vienna. More than ninety guests from the wine trade and press were highly impressed by the outstanding quality and individuality of the biodynamic wines.
Vienna, 30 May 2022

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For many of the international guests from Tokyo to Toronto, "A Message in a Biodynamic Bottle" - the joint masterclass of Demeter Austria and respekt-BIODYN at the VieVinum in May - was a first intensive immersion into the regenerative viticultural method of biodynamics. The British expert for biodynamic viticulture Monty Waldin got to the bottom of the wines, their production methods and origins by means of individual questions. Together with eight winemakers from each of the two associations, he and the more than ninety visitors from the wine trade and the press tasted representative wines from the estates. Among them was Christopher Sealy, Wine Director of the Alo Food Group in Toronto, Canada: "The wine growers of respekt and Demeter manifest in their wines an alignment of heart and mind focused on the greater health of soils and vineyards today and for the future. Defy convention! The compelling discourse is the moment of spiritual shift for the maker, resulting in wines of new energy."

After the Masterclass, the wish was expressed for similar events and more information on biodynamic viticulture for gastronomy, sommellerie and trade, which Demeter and respekt-BIODYN will gladly fulfil. As well as the invitations of some guests to their countries to proclaim "A Message in a Biodynamic Bottle" there too. The winegrowers of both groups are also very happy to answer individual questions at any time.

See the wines of “A Message in a Biodynamic Bottle” on page 3 in the attached Pdf.

Demeter Austria. The guidelines for biodynamic agriculture, based on the Agricultural Course of anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, have existed for just under a hundred years. The first three Demeter wineries were certified in 1999, and today around 85 winegrowers work according to their guidelines, many of them utilizing mixed farming. They cultivate their vineyards as living farm organisms - individually adapted to the respective terroirs, and covering a total area of around 800 hectares. The spokesman for this winemakers' group is Niki Moser of the Sepp Moser estate.

respekt-BIODYN. This association is based in Austria and as of 2022 has twenty-eight members with thirty-one estates in Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary. It was founded in 2007 with the aim of striving together for ever greater quality and individuality in wine. Michael Goëss-Enzenberg of the South Tyrolean Manincor estate heads the association as chairman, his deputy is the Kamptal winemaker Fred Loimer. respekt-BIODYN has established itself internationally in recent years alongside Demeter and Biodyvin as an important and driving force in biodynamic viniculture. In total, respekt members cultivate an area of about 1.010 hectares.

Monty Waldin. Leading expert on biodynamic and sustainable viticulture, author and journalist (Decanter Magazine, Oxford Companion to Wine by Jancis/ Robinson MW, Julia Harding MW; ...).

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