generational handovers

You can save time, energy and costs through our coordinated consulting and many years of experience in the wine and enjoyment sectors.

We support generational handovers of wineries

At some point in time it will happen to every winery: the handover of the business from one generation to the next. We will gently support and guide you in making clear decisions as quickly as possible without conflict, and ensure that the generation change is successful for all parties involved.

Together with all stakeholders, and as required with the team::

  • in communication between the generations
  • in all legal matters
  • in business management questions
  • in repositioning and the accompanying public relations

As a partner of the ÜBERGABEPROFIS (the handover professionals), I work together with the following companies during the handover process

  • Organizational developer & Crisis expert Michaela Stark | blaufeuer
  • Legal Advisor Bernhard Schatz | bpv Hügel Attorneys at Law
  • Business economist Hans Christian Kirchmeier | G9 Recovery Partners

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