Times of crisis – what you can do now

The Corona crisis presents us all with an immense challenge. As people and as entrepreneurs. On this page I would like to offer support on two levels:

  • Help on a personal level by a certified psychologist and coach:
    Michaela Stark | blaufeuer
  • Opportunities for good communication now & afterwards:
    Carpe diem with Sylvia Petz

»Problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them.« Albert Einstein

April 2020
Online translation of the original text with DeepL.

Assistance on a personal level | Communication in times of crisis

Dear Winemakers,

in this exceptional situation I would like to support you in two areas. Of course I would also like to support you with my own services, but in this case your personal well-being and that of your company seems more important to me. Therefore, I take a step back and let Michaela Stark, a graduate psychologist, speak first. Then please read under your section what I can and want to do for you.

The current situation pushes us all to our limits - especially psychologically. I myself pick up the phone in such situations. Michaela Stark, a valuable friend and psychological coach, is a great support to me. I have asked her to offer her crisis intervention via video conference for you as well. Michaela is there for you,

- when the ceiling falls on your head: dealing with insulation and restriction
- when fear is breathing down your neck: dealing with (existential) fear
- if you could fly off the handle: dealing with aggression, anger, rage and despair

Michaela also recommends a few very helpful techniques against the constant brooding and worrying.

You can find more information about MICHAELA'S services here.


    At the moment the world seems to stand still. For you, but also for me. In the last two weeks I have been thinking about how we can use this phase together so that things continue well for you afterwards. I can do for you

    - Analyse your website: Are the contents meaningful, where can you make improvements and are important areas possibly missing? → A website should be a service point for readers and press. Important: We want to preserve and optimise the existing site and, if necessary, adapt it to the changed conditions. The goal is not a new website.

    - Set up your LinkedIn page. LinkedIn is a high quality communication platform; the content is well thought out and targeted at a selected audience. See the

    - Create your press kit. It is an important communication tool for all journalist enquiries and should be available on your website in the download area. See

    - explain how you can set up your winery in a sustainable way (viticulture, cellar, energy, team, ...) See more details

    - Of course I am also available for you, should you have other concerns. You can find my offer regarding positioning or press work under services.

    Now I wish you and us that we get through this time well, look forward to seeing you again and to a good glass of analogue wine with you.

    Sincerely yours,
    Sylvia Petz