Well through the crisis – with graduate psychologist Michaela Stark

»I've never tried that before, so I'm pretty sure I can do it.«
Pippi Langstrumpf

Psychological Coaching
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April 2020
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Consulting in personal & professional times of crisis

In situations in which we are confronted with events or life circumstances that we cannot cope with and with which we feel overwhelmed, we lose our emotional balance. We experience such crisis situations as threatening, especially when they call our values and goals into question.

These situations can be in a professional, family or health context (e.g. dismissal, divorce, cancer, ...). Currently, the corona virus threatens many people at various levels. We experience new situations for which we have not yet developed a routine, and feelings that we experience as unpleasant and perhaps even threatening, such as mood swings, helplessness, excessive demands and insecurity, fear, depression, but also anger and resentment.

In the Corona context, I am here for you as your psychological coach...

  • wenn when the sky starts falling - dealing with isolation and restriction
  • when fear is breathing down your neck - in dealing with (existential) fear
  • if you could go off the deep end - dealing with aggression, anger, rage and despair
  • when anger, frustration and conflict potential need an appropriate outlet to help you clear your head

I also support you...

  • when faced with professional challenges and crises, such as interpersonal conflicts, unforeseen dismissals, the ambivalent feeling of wanting to reorientate oneself
  • in private crises, such as divorce, partnerlessness, fears and disorientation due to severe blows of fate
  • when processing singular, overstraining situations, e.g. with the partner
    when it is generally a matter of creating orientation for oneself, answering questions, raising one's own resources and experiencing oneself effectively again

In times of compelling spatial distance, I offer my consulting services in VIDEO CONFERENCE CONTROL. Read more about me and my services (in German) at