What characterises a good website

In this peculiar standstill, time is found for things that until now had to sit on the sidelines for capacity reasons. The own website is one of them. Here are the most important requirements to make the investment in it a worthwhile one. 

December 2021
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What must a good website be able to do? Regardless of the industry and company, its most important function is to provide information. A website is first and foremost a service point - especially for journalists - to answer the classic W-questions about the company: who, what, when, where, why, how, what for. If the guest is not served (quickly) here, he clicks away and moves on to the competitor.

But don't worry, to answer these questions one doesn't have to immediately commission a new cost-intensive site. Very often, it is enough to bring the existing website into shape: in terms of content and with new photos. In most cases, a new modern font can also freshen up the overall look and the menu can be tidied up. And in case you're wondering why I call it a "website" and not a "homepage": the latter is the term for the first page of a website, the term was adopted at some point for the entire website. Programmers and web designers still make a distinction, and that's how I keep it.

  • a simple self-explanatory menu
  • contact details on every page
  • informative clear language
  • appealing emotional and professional photos
  • history of the winery
  • career of the winemaker
  • information on the wine-growing region including climate
  • vineyard descriptions (location & orientation, soils, grape varieties, ...)
  • assortment (ideally sorted according to the quality pyramid)
  • perfect press download: press kit, cropped photos of all wines including data sheets, photos  in print resolution with exact description and indication of the photo rights (best in categories: winemaker/team, vineyards, cellar, architecture, ...)
  • sources of supply sorted by country
  • news & blog only if really up-to-date and maintained
  • responsive design: This means, that it works on all screen formats which is an absolut prerequisite.
  • [technically sound and well-maintained shop → cross-linked to the assortment for downloading photos and data sheets]

  • annoying pop-ups
  • automatically running films
  • long loading times (this requires, among other things, correctly sized photos) especially in times of overloaded networks
  • "innovative" menus: I have to find everything intuitively and quickly, otherwise I click away.
  • rambling texts with no content: It's all about information!
  • outdated technology: The only thing that can really help here is a relaunch.

I would be happy to take a look at your website and help you update it according to the criteria mentioned. Feel free to contact me at any time at: