Simply a recommendation: pure Yoga at Pureyoga in Vienna

I have been practising Ashtanga yoga in the studio of my friends Petra and Horst for around twelve years. The personal and individual care, breath teaching, living yoga philosophy and the beautiful garden with its ancient trees make it so special. Where yoga and wine cross paths comes at the end of the text.

August 2021
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It was a coincidental encounter of an upcoming shoulder surgery and my entry into yoga. Already checked in at the hospital, I decided against the operation and left the patient's room. A few weeks later, my symptoms were blown away by the yoga exercises that were new to me. Today, by the way, they no longer operate on this specific neck problem, but prescribe phyisotherapy instead. For me, this is one of many reasons to stick with yoga.

A small joyful assignment from Petra and Horst - namely to design the text for the new Pureyoga folder (in German) - lets me depict the reasons here very quickly:

Balance for body and soul. Feeling yourself again. Yoga students feel the positive effects very quickly. Through the concentrated physical exercises, thoughts and heartbeat come to rest, and they find distance from the demands of everyday life. Stress soon becomes less of a burden. The body becomes flexible, inner and outer muscles and organs are activated and supplied with blood. The lungs are strengthened and even injuries heal more quickly through yogic exercises and an overall better tone. Body and soul alike are uplifted.

Who is Pureyoga addressed to? Young and older people. To people who want to do something for their health. To thin and overweight people. To all those who sit too much and/or have back problems. To the sporty and the unathletic. For the stressed, bored, exhausted and hyperactive. For beginners, professionals, runners, climbers, pregnant women, cyclists, dancers, people with hip problems and, of course, everyone with special needs. In this context, to yoga beginners, yoga practitioners, ashtangis up to the 4th series and aspiring teachers.

More than asanas (physical exercises). For those who want to explore yoga in more detail, Pureyoga offers vividly applicable yoga philosophy, meditation, Ayurveda, kriyas (yogic purification techniques), pranayama (breathing science) and mysore (self-practice at one's own pace and breathing rhythm, supported by the teachers).

Meeting place for international Ashtangis visiting Vienna. I like the coming and going of visitors to Vienna from all over the world at Pureyoga. Being at home while travelling. There are serious Ashtanga studios all over the world. That, among other things, is what makes Ashtanga so special for me personally. I have a favourite studio in Copenhagen, and a special tip is the Shala in the pedestrian zone in Málaga, Spanien.

Yoga & Wine. Yes, that's possible! And so I am once a year looking forward to the yoga retreat with Horst at the beautiful biodynamic Tauss Estate in Southern Styria. And here we come full circle to the wine 🙏🏻💛🍷.