» Gute Sachen «« – Marlis' new indulgence boutique

Marlis Groß-Söchstl has fulfilled a dream. Originally a banker, she became passionate about sustainable food. On her travels, especially to Spain, Marlis got to know small producers of high-quality olive oils, spices and pickles, whose products she was determined to enjoy at home. In the meantime, she had also started her Master's degree in Sustainablity & Responsible Management and immersed herself in the topics of organic farming. And little by little, the plan matured ...

March 2022
Marlies Groß-Söchtl

GUTE SACHEN on 1. and 2. April 2022 at
mit alles
the culinary festival for modern gourmets at the Vienna Ballhaus

"I've always been excited by all the good things there are to discover."
- Marlis Groß-Söchstl

Exquisite Andalusian olive oils, Pannonian spices, pickled artichokes from Rioja, autochthonous colourful peppers, salts, ... organo-LOGICALLY!

"Gute Sachen" (good things) stands for a small and fine gourmet boutique that was founded by me at the beginning of this year. As a gourmet boutique, we combine culinary enjoyment - directly from the producer - with sustainable and ecological production methods. Indulgence with the awareness that work is done in harmony with nature. We offer unique organic products of the best quality from family farms and small producers. We are all certified organic, including me as an online retailer.

We are committed to the principle that our good things come from as close as possible and only from as far away as necessary. This means that we combine good things from home with good things from other regions of enjoyment - which do not thrive here. In this way, we keep transport routes short and look at what is regional in each case.

The Gute Sachen range. It consists of carefully selected products produced by people we know personally. What unites us is our love and passion for our unique foods, our joy of enjoyment and a respectful approach to our environment. Our range includes Pannonian spices and nibbles - I am from Burgenland -, fairly sourced unrefined and non-iodised sea salts from South Africa and Spanish olive oils 🫒 which are available in Austria for the first time. Furthermore, soothing gin from Graz and soon also unique pickles 🌶 🫑 from Rioja. And it will grow!

My passion. Over the years, I have come to know and love many local products from home and from other regions and countries. Discovering and enjoying local products in the respective place became my passion. With Gute Sachen, I would like to live this joy even more intensively and share it with many people. Gute Sachen is a warm invitation to go on a journey of enjoyment to different families and small businesses in well-known and unknown regions. In this way, we grow together into a community of conscious gourmets and share our joy in Gute Sachen.

I look forward to you accompanying me, and also to good tips from you worth discovering and enjoying!

All the best,