Call for disorder! In support of our animals for the winter.

What do butterflies, spiders, wild bees, hedgehogs, toads, dormice, lizards and salamanders have in common? They all like to hibernate in our gardens and need framework conditions for this, which are in our hands. Yes, life goes on outside, even when the trees and bushes are bare, the flowers have retracted their heads and the meadows have been mown short.

September 2022
Quicktranslation  by DeepL

It's actually quite simple. When every fallen leaf is disposed of in a garden, every corner swept, every hedge trimmed, every wall grouted and every path weeded, everything is smooth and bare. Then there is hardly any possibility for insects and animals to find food and shelter for the winter. Therefore: Let's leave it wild!

So if you want to make your garden available to hedgehogs and butterflies as winter quarters, you can lie on your lazy skin and drink tea in the warm. It is enough to rake the leaves from trees and pile them up in a corner of the garden, on the vegetable patch or around tree trunks. In late autumn, hedgehogs 🦔 prefer to find their quarters there, and the leaves also provide wonderful frost protection for the soil and the plants. Compost heaps, hedges, brushwood, tree stumps or even the garden shed with a loophole are also welcome places to hibernate. Everywhere there and in cairns and dry stone walls, many other beneficial insects also hibernate: butterflies and moths, wild bees and bumblebees, spiders and beetles 🐞, toads, winter hamsters, dormice, lizards and salamanders.

Hedges and bushes may be left untrimmed, the more berries hanging from their branches, the better for songbirds and squirrels 🐿. Nuts may also be left on the ground, backs and animals are equally happy. And important: please avoid leaf vacuums and blowers. Apart from noise and energy consumption, these damage the soil surface: the nutrient supply of the soil decreases, the soil dries out more quickly and deprives worms, insects, snails 🐌 and small animals of food. In addition, they also blow or suck in insects and small animals.

Finally, as always, please give preference to native hedges, shrubs, trees and plants. Feed birds 🦉 throughout the year. And the soil never sleeps!