Vienna, 28 May 2024
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This was ‘100 years of biodynamics’ at the VieVinum 2024

This was ‘100 Years of Biodynamics’ at the VieVinum 2024
The respekt-BIODYN vintners' association invited wine professionals from all over the world to a high-calibre wine tasting at the VieVinum wine fair in Vienna. The future of viticulture was discussed from the perspective of biodynamics.
Vienna, 28 May 2024

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On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of biodynamic agriculture, respekt-BIODYN invited guests to a ‘look into the future of viticulture’ at the Vienna Hofburg. Master of Wine Romana Echensperger took the international guests from Tokyo to Toronto and the winegrowers present on a journey through time from the beginnings of biodynamics in 1924 to the present day and into the next 100 years. Based on the wine tastings, she discussed the burning questions about the future of viticulture and possible solutions. Deputy Chairman Fred Loimer emphasised the importance of being open to new approaches. Biodynamics always means further development and not dogmatic persistence.

Host and respekt-BIODYN chairman Michael Goëss-Enzenberg, Weingut Manincor: ‘Biodynamics is definitely the right way forward, healthy soil is the basis for our continued existence and food for the soul. But not only the soil. Rudolf Steiner already placed people at the centre. In addition to our living soils, the individual characters of the winegrowers are the source of our brilliant wines. At this masterclass, we were able to show wonderfully how lively and fine our wines are, even in very hot and dry years.’

The wines in their tasting order on page 3 in the attached Pdf.

Romana Echensperger. Master of Wine, author and expert in biodynamics.

respekt-BIODYN. The association is based in Austria and has thirty-three members with thirty-six wineries in Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary since 2023. It was founded in 2007 with the aim of jointly striving for even greater quality and individuality in wine. Michael Goëss-Enzenberg from the Manincor winery in South Tyrol is the chairman of the association, deputised by Kamptal winegrower Fred Loimer. In recent years, respekt-BIODYN has established itself internationally as an important and driving force in biodynamic viticulture alongside Demeter and Biodyvin. In total, respekt members cultivate an area of just over 1,158 hectares.

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