team: sylvia & Stephanie & regina & Florian

Sylvia Petz © Gabriela Koch

Sylvia Petz

Pleasure, the enjoyment of life, and responsible entrepreneurship are very important to me. Both privately and professionally. What could be better than to bring them into harmony?

Email: sp@sylvia-petz.a

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Stephanie Artner  Florian Smetana

Stephanie Artner

Connecting people through a glass of wine, and creating memorable, educational experiences at the same time are just a few of my favorite things. So after more than ten years’ experience in the wine industry in North America I am excited to support Sylvia with this knowledge and my global sommelier network back in Europe.


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Regina Petz © Gabriela Koch

Regina Petz

I have been on board since 2009, taking part in workshops at Sylvia's side, and am responsible for administrative matters. With Sylvia, I connect family with the enjoyment of fine wines, good food, and relaxed travel.


Florian Smetana

florian smetana

I am happy to shoot and edit (image) films, to take photos and also to operate the social media channels of our clients. In 2019, I completed my Bachelor of Film and Theatre Studies at the University of Vienna, and I am an enthusiastic filmmaker and photographer.