In a team. Together with our individual strengths.

Sylvia Petz © Gabriela Koch

Sylvia Petz

Enjoyment, joie de vivre and sustainability are essential to me. What could be better than bringing these areas into harmony? Privately and professionally.

Email: sp@sylvia-petz.a

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Natalie Lantos

Natalie lantos

Wine and enjoyment are two concepts that are intertwined for me and have taken on a seminal significance in my life. Added to this are languages and skilled speaking. I enjoy being creative for our clients and getting their message across.

Regina Petz © Gabriela Koch

Regina Petz

I have been on board since 2009, taking part in workshops at Sylvia's side, and am responsible for administrative matters. With Sylvia, I connect family with the enjoyment of fine wines, good food, and relaxed travel.


Florian Smetana

florian smetana

I shoot and edit (image) films for our clients and am passionate about photography. I studied film and theatre studies at the University of Vienna and found my profession.