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Granny's Secret

Der beste Ajvar der Welt!

Granny's Secret Ajvar – Markteinführung 2017

ajvar | granny's secretajvar | granny's secret

Granny's Secret ist eine Marke von Atlantic Grupa, einem multinationalen Lebensmittelkonzern in Kroatien. Der Gründer Emil Tedeschi hatte vor einigen Jahren das Ziel, den weltbesten Ajvar anzubieten. Er kaufte die serbische Marke Granny's Secret, modernisierte sie und machte sie in kürzester Zeit zum Erfolgsprodukt.

Wir hatten 2017 die freudvolle Aufgabe, den Ajvar in Österreich bekanntzumachen. Heute gibt es die drei Varianten Classic, Chili und Tomaten & Chili bei Wein & Co, Merkur und Spar.

Granny's Secret's Ajvars sind hocharomatisch und hochwertige vitaminreiche und kalorienarme Aufstriche und auch als Dips oder Saucen wirklich empfehlenswert – und rundum nachhaltig produziert.

Hier ein paar Grundinformationen zur Variante Ajvar Classic:

•  aus regionalen Paprikasorten (4 kg geröstete Paprika für 1 kg Ajvar)
•  aus 94 % Paprika, Sonnenblumenöl, Essig, Gewürzen
   (keine Melanzani wie in anderen Ajvars, ohne Aromen, Konservierungsmittel und Zucker)
•  Paprika wird geröstet (nicht gekocht wie zumeist)
•  Paprika wird geschnitten (nicht püriert wie zumeist)
•  Zutaten aus dem Kopaonik-Gebirge (Nationalpark in Serbien)
•  EU-Biozertifizierung wird angestrebt
•  ausschließlich manuelle Produktion
•  aus kleinbäuerlichen Strukturen vor Ort
•  hochwertig konfektioniert

What our clients say
I would like to thank you again for the excellent cooperation! The media echo was really fantastic!
Artur Toifl | Weingut Thiery-Weber
Very clear and totally to the point!  I'm thrilled! Thanks a lot!
Hans-Christian Kirchmeier | G9 Recovery Partners
I thank YOU again for the as always nice and competent support with our 'Waldbier' forest beer presentation!
Pia Buchner | Austrian Federal Forests
Your lecture was very well held, informative, crisp and entertaining. High compliment! I also admire your attentiveness to the topic, which is very emotional and is a really big deal for everyone involved.
Heidi Schröck | Weingut Heidi Schröck
YES! we too can choose and, WE HAVE CHOSEN RIGHTLY! Thank you for the perfectly organized enjoyment, before, during and after respekt-Johanni!
Fred Loimer | Weingut Loimer
We have met two incredibly dedicated consultants who know the wine industry perfectly and are able to respond to your personal needs. They are also communication geniuses! They have exceeded our expectations!
Carolin & Erik Riffel | Weingut Riffel
Authentic – clear – persistent – careful, but unvarnished honest – of course professionally competent. BUT the big difference is their social competence.
Marion Ebner-Ebenauer | Weingut Ebner-Ebenauer
The day we spent together gave us an extreme boost of motivation and the very next day we started to implement things. The clear focus on our USP makes it possible!
Melanie & Johannes Trapl | Weingut Trapl
Much passion, lifeblood and energy is in every single bottle of our wine. It would simply be an unbelievable pity if nobody knew about it. That's why we like to work with you and with success to let people know about our activities here in Kitzeck.
Stefan & Bernhard Schauer | Weingut Schauer
It is not always easy to recognise one's own strengths and weaknesses. A neutral and open view from outside is often the best orientation aid. So the workshop was really a surprising enrichment for us with some 'aha-moments' from which we could take a lot of positive things with us.
Kathi Bauer | Weingut Bauer-Pöltl
You ask the right questions and do not let up when answers are supposedly difficult. With your help we have found a clear communication basis and our USP. You work with respect and appreciation at eye level with your customers. For us, you are experts in your field who know what they are doing!
Maggy & Joannes Müller | Weingut Müller
I would like to thank you very much for the joint workshop. Not only was it top-notch in terms of content, but the professional presentation in a relaxed atmosphere is something I will remember for a long time! For me it was the beginning of a very positive cooperation.
Tom Wohlfarter | Seidl's Inn