wine & sustainability

Sustainable & organic & biodynamic & someday these will all be one …

What is a sustainably produced wine? Besides ecology (viticulture) also count economic and social aspects. In the sense of People, Planet, Prosperity!

As part of my master's studies in Sustainability & Responsible Management, I have obviously dealt intensively with the topic of sustainability and, of course, especially with wine & sustainability. I would be glad to tell you more and support you on your way to a sustainable winery.

Even right now: Click your way through the attached PRESENTATION »Thinking about the future of winemaking«. I am also happy to refer to the moderation of a Porto Protocol CLIMATE TALK on »Sustainability standards—different approaches in different wine regions« (Chile, Alentjo/Portugal and California) in July 2020.

And take a look at these really interesting and informative films recommended in the presentation:

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