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The European winery association respekt-BIODYN continues to grow. At the beginning of this year, three prestigious German and Austrian estates joined the group, which now boasts 28 members. These were the Weingut Stein in Franken, the new Christmann & Kaufmann sparkling winery in the Pfalz, and the Weingut Tement in the Südsteiermark together with its Domaine Ciringa in Slovenia.

Vienna, 2 February 2022

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Since the beginning of this year, 28 members operating 31 wineries in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Slovenia have made up the biodynamic respekt-BIODYN association, founded in 2007. The association’s combined vineyard area has grown to over a thousand hectares with the addition of new members Tement, am Stein, and Christmann & Kauffmann. "We have the ambition of making regenerative agriculture even better known and to inspire as many winemakers as possible to adopt it. We are of course very pleased when such renowned and pioneering wineries accept our invitation and join us," said respekt chairman Michael Goëss-Enzenberg of the Manincor winery.

Manfred Tement and his sons Armin and Stefan have been farming their vineyards, which have now grown to a total of 100 hectares, organically in Austria and Slovenia since 2005, and their biodynamic certification by respekt-BIODYN will follow with the 2022 vintage. The am Stein winery, which is well-respected in Germany but not yet as well known in Austria, is located in Würzburg, Franken, and has been managed organically by Sandra and Ludwig Knoll since 2008. The wines from this 40-hectare estate, which has been named "Franken Winery of the Year 2022" by the trade magazine Vinum, will be respekt-certified with the 2023 vintage. The third new winery has actually just been established. It is the Pfalz sparkling wine estate of Christmann & Kauffmann, brought to life by Steffen and Sophie Christmann together with Mathieu Kauffmann of Alsace, who has now settled in the Pfalz after many years in the Champagne region. Their first sparkling wine, the 2022 vintage, is expected to hit the market in 2025.

With these new members, the association can count nineteen wineries in Austria, nine in Germany, two in Italy, and one each in Hungary and Slovenia among its ranks; the total vineyard area of the thirty-one wineries is 1,035 hectares. The official member of the respekt association is in each case the operations manager and not the winery itself, which is why the numbers of members and wineries diverge. The goal of the group is the common search for ever more quality and individuality in wine, an approach validated by numerous international awards to the individual wineries. In 2019, respekt-BIODYN was awarded the prestigious Wine Award for Friends by the German Feinschmecker magazine for the high quality of its wines and its enlightened European attitude. The next joint appearance of respekt-BIODYN is planned for May as part of the VieVinum wine trade fair at the Hofburg in Vienna.

Sektgut Christmann & Kauffmann (Sparkling Winery). The German-French families Christmann and Kauffmann are united by a grand vision: sparkling wine from the top vineyard sites in the Pfalz on a par with the best sparkling wines in the world. Mathieu Kauffmann from Alsace, who has made his home in the Pfalz after many years working in the Champagne region, is convinced that the conditions there are ideally suited. Artisanal, individual, sparkling wines are now being produced there on 12 hectares of vineyards. Biodynamic work in the vineyard from day one, spontaneous fermentation, and long aging in wooden barrels are the basis. Christmann & Kauffmann understand their sparkling wine in the sense of a "Grand Vin" which enriches every table not only as an aperitif, but also as a great food accompaniment. The first sparkling wines of the 2019 vintage will be launched on the market in late 2022, the first respekt-certified ones from the 2022 vintage are expected in 2025.

Weingut am Stein. In the midst of the vineyards and yet at the same time within the urban pulse of the city of Würzburg in the winemaking region of Franken lies the Ludwig Knoll estate am Stein. The vineyards in this region are steep, their soils consist of shell limestone formations interspersed in spots with loam and clay. Rieslings, Silvaners, and Burgundies form the foundation of this VDP winery, which has been named 2022 Franken Winery of the Year by the German wine trade magazine Vinum. The 40-hectare flagship estate has been certified organic since 2008, the year Sandra and Ludwig Knoll converted to biodynamic farming. Sandra and Ludwig Knoll see their winery as a holistic refuge for the enjoyment of pleasure. Their respekt certification takes place with the 2023 vintage.

Weingut Tement & Domaine Ciringa. In 2005, Manfred Tement and his son Armin converted his world-renowned estate in the Südsteiermark to organic farming, and also acquired vineyards in Slovenia. In 2012, his younger son Stefan also joined the business, and the trio was complete. Hand in hand, these three manage 80 hectares of vineyards in Austria and 20 in Slovenia (under the name "Domaine Ciringa"), supported by Armin's wife Monika Tement. Old knowledge and new approaches are combined at Tement to form one coherent overarching concept. Place of origin, craftsmanship, and unconditional quality are the ingredients. The winery's first wine with respekt certification is the 2022 vintage. &

The respekt estates. Paul Achs, Judith Beck, Busch, Christmann, Christmann & Kauffmann, Feiler-Artinger, Foradori, Fritsch, Martin & Georg Fußer, Manincor, Andreas Gsellmann, Gernot & Heike Heinrich, Hirsch, Leiner, Loimer, Anita & Hans Nittnaus, Ott, Gerhard & Brigitte Pittnauer, Claus Preisinger, Ökonomierat Rebholz, Sattlerhof, Weingut am Stein, Tement & Domaine Ciringa, Dr. Wehrheim, Weninger & Weninger Pincészet, Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann, Wittmann, and Herbert Zillinger.

respekt-BIODYN. The association, based in Austria, has had 28 members with 31 wineries in Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia since 2022. It was founded in 2007 with the aim of striving together for ever more quality and individuality in wine. Michael Goëss-Enzenberg of the South Tyrolean Manincor estate heads the association as its chairman, with Kamptal winemaker Fred Loimer as his deputy. respekt-BIODYN has established itself internationally in recent years as an important driving force in biodynamic viticulture, alongside Demeter and Biodyvin. In total, respekt members cultivate an area of 1,035 hectares.

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